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They glide over the seas of the world in a majestic and grand manner and are particularly welcome guests at Hamburg port. Cruise ships from all over the world moor in the Hanseatic city more than 150 times a year. Why not make a flying visit on board now!

For this cruiser experience, you do not have to set out to sea straight away: when the elegant ocean giants are visiting Hamburg, we will take you on extensive on-board tours. Discover the impressive size and the fascinating internal life of the cruise ships. Incidentally, the visit will not only be an atmospheric highlight, it will also be a culinary highlight – for a lunch in one of the on-board restaurants is already included. Taste a bit of the cruise flair and then you will perhaps go on a big trip the next time you are in Hamburg!

In order to take part in the ship tour you must carry your personal documents with you. Details must be provided on booking.

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