Part 3: Land of Pearls

Parade from Wedel along the Elb-suburbs to Köhlbrandhafen

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With the beginning of the splendid Elbchaussee at the left side of the Elbe riverbank the noble part of Hamburg begins.

The proud white villas in the suburbs Blankenese, Nienstedten and Othmarschen rise from the grass green hills. The white painted houses, captain lodges and fine villas, the stairs and crooked streets make the hills of the Elbe banks appear like an “Elbic Riviera” and Blankenese to become the most beautiful and most expensive districts of Hamburg. 

"Treppenviertel" – the stairway quarter

Narrow winding streets, old fisher houses that can only be accessed by foot and about 5.000 stairs characterize the stairway quarter at the banks of the Elbe in Blankenese. The stairway to the beach has 170 stairs alone. Up and down, past the old houses, parks and churches to the top of the hills. From here you can enjoy a panorama view across the Elbe. It’s a lovely place with Mediterranean flair that looks like a postcard. 

Already at the beginning of the 19th century it has been an important fishing village where mostly pilots and fishers were living and captains spend their old age. A few houses from the 18th and 19th century are still standing. Over time the place evolved into an upper class residential area with hanseatic-Mediterranean flair, where especially the real estate prices are awe-inspiring. Many celebrities are living here. 

Next are the traditional fishing villages Oevelgönne and Neumühlen that are lying at the slope of the river banks between Blankenese and Altoner Rathaus. Neumühlen offers a lively beach atmosphere: swimming, fishing, boats – everything you need for a perfect beach day.  What can we say, the river banks of the Elbe between Blankenese and Altona seem to be the most beautiful idyll at the lower Elbe. 

At the area of the pilot station at Teufelsbrück the sea pilots hand over the ship to the pilots of the port of Hamburg. 

Roman Garden

A little piece of Italy is hidden in the middle of Hamburg – off course at Blankenese, at the Elbeslope. The Roman Garden, a public park that got the name from its Italian gardening design and plants. There is even an open air theatre that has space for around 200 visitors. Now and then between the summer tomatoes, theatre pieces are taking place. 

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