Cruise Destinations from Hamburg

"The gate to the world" – is an alternative name for the port city of Hamburg. And that is far more than Marketing. On a map we've marked all the destinations that Hamburg's cruises are heading to this year. There are destinations all around the world: 222 harbors. No doubts, Hamburg definitely is the gate to the world!

And what's a better way than exploring the world with a ship? In Hamburg almost every form of cruise is offered: luxury and expedition cruises, pleasure and heavy metal cruises. Most of them are cruises to the big cities along the northern coast or the cities at the Baltic Sea. They are leading to the wild nature of the north or the sunny heat of the south. Even some round-the-world trips are starting from Hamburg in 2017. 

Wöchentlich bricht die AIDAprima zu Ihrer Reise entlang der europäischen Metropolen auf. Unter anderem geht es nach Rotterdam!
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Metropolitan Cities of the North Sea

Once a week the AIDA PRIMA of the Cruise Center Steinwerder leaves the city of Hamburg and sets off for the ports of the North Sea with the possibility of visiting the cities of the foreign countries: from Southampton to London, Le Havre to Paris or from Zeebrügge to Brussels. Other providers like Costa or MSC are also offering cruises on similar routes. Here you’ll find an overview. The best part of the trips: usually you’ll return to Hamburg.

Schon vor 120 Jahren starteten die ersten Kreuzfahrten von Hamburg aus in Richtung der norwegischen Fjorde - auch heute noch eine der schönsten Routen.
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Cruises from Hamburg up to the north have become a classic – from the British Islands to Scotland and to the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Some journeys are leading to the real north, to Iceland, Greenland or Svalbard. However, most of the cruises to the north are heading off to Norway. In summertime the Fjords of Norway are very popular. 

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Auf den Mittelmeer-Routen sind Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenschein garantiert!
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South Europe and Canary Islands

A bond connects Hamburg and Lissabon. Maybe it's because more than 40.000 portuguese people are living in Hamburg? Or because some of the old Elbe ferries were driving to Lissabon? Who knows. Today, many cruises are leading from Hamburg to Lisboa. And than on to the Canary Islands. 

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Sie waren noch niemals in New York? Dann wird es Zeit!
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New York and the World

The history of Hamburg is closely connected to the New World. In the end of the 19th century, a great emigration wave started. Some years more than 100.000 people left Europe from Hamburg to start a better future in the United States. Luckily today, the journeys that lead to New York andbeyond are mostly about enyoing life!

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Pearls of the Baltic Sea

You can count yourself lucky when you’re going on a Baltic Sea journey from Hamburg. A river cruise down the Elbe follows a journey through the “Nord-Ostsee-Kanal” from Brunsbüttel to Kiel. Next in line are Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Especially in summertime, when the nights are not getting dark at the pool deck, it is a very special experience. 

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