Historic ships

  • vergrößern © J. Staeck
  • vergrößern © J. Staeck
  • vergrößern © J. Staeck

    Experience a ride on a floating monument and explore the Niederelbe on a historic ship. We present to you here three ships, the owner of which – The Hamburg Maritime Foundation – is committed to preserving the maritime heritage of Hamburg and making it accessible to the general public. Travelling on the Elbe on the museum ships really brings the past back to life.

    State Steamship Schaarhörn

    In 1908, this two-propeller ship with state-of-the-art facilities was launched in Hamburg as a ""Pfeildampfer"" – today it would be called a sounding vessel. But the elegant ship actually functioned more as a state yacht. Experiencing the coal-fired boiler and nearly noiseless steam engines in operation will not just interest the technology fans. Further information: www.schaarhoern.de

    Pilot schooner No. 5 Elbe

    Used for transferring pilots at the mouth of the Elbe and the German Bight, the city of Hamburg had this schooner built in 1883 at the Stülcken shipyard. Many of the original details are unique today, such as the bilge pumps and fixtures, and especially the historic interior furnishings that remain intact. Additional information: www.lotsenschoner.de

    Spanker vessel Johanna

    Spanker vessels were the predominant type of ship on the Elbe for centuries. It was motor vessels that first supplanted these flat-bottomed cargo sailing ships. The low draught and folding masts of the Johanna, built in 1903 in Elmshorn, enabled and still enable it to be used far out into the backwaters. Further information: www.ewer-johanna.de

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