Museumshafen Oevelgönne

The Museumshafen (Museum Harbour) Oevelgönne is a wonderful destination on the Elbe beach for young and old. Around 20 vintage ships are anchored at this location – including German and Dutch flat-bottomed vessels (the leeboards of which challenge the public to work out their purpose), steam tugs and barges.

Located right on the main shipping channel, the Museumshafen Oevelgönne is a unique attraction for young and old alike. It was founded in 1976 by a private, non-profit association which set itself the task of restoring the former commercial vessels and keeping them afloat. These date largely from the period between 1880 and 1960 and were of exceptional significance for the north German region and the Port of Hamburg in terms of supply, infrastructure and the provision of services. They were undoubtedly jointly responsible for the economic success of the Hanseatic city.

Many of the ships anchored here were discovered as wrecks rotting away at remote locations, and most have been faithfully restored over years of painstaking labour, using historical literature, models and drawings. The restoration and usage is intended to preserve and pass down the sailing ship and steamer tradition, established technologies and craftsmanship. Since 1978, the association has successfully acquired and restored seven ships of its own, primarily through donations, thanks to the commitment of its voluntary members: the steam tug "TIGER", the lightship "ELBE 3", the Finkenwerder high-seas cutter fishing ship "PRÄSIDENT FREIHERR VON MALTZAHN", the steam tug "CLAUS D.", the spanker "MOEWE", the steam pinnace "MATHILDA" and the police steam barge "OTTO LAUFFER". But not only the association's own vessels are anchored in Oevelgönne; private ships of association members and ships with their own associations, such as the steam icebreaker "STETTIN", have also found a home here. Even though the association also takes care of ship maintenance for various Hamburg museums, Museumshafen Oevelgönne e.V. is still not a state museum, but rather an association that primarily depends on the voluntary work of its members, on contributions and on donations.

The Museum Harbour is not a "ship mausoleum", but rather a living harbour with historical sailing and steam vessels that have been restored and are fully functional. The seaworthiness and use of these ships for representational and private purposes is a fundamental prerequisite for ensuring these cultural treasures are cared for and maintained. The Museum Harbour is therefore not the permanent "storage location" for the ships, but rather it is the place where they are usually anchored when they are not out to sea with their crews or in the shipyards. For this reason, visitors are asked for their understanding in the event that - particularly in the summer months - some of the ships are missing from the harbour. A visit is still worth your while:
From Easter, the lightship "ELBE 3" will be open to visitors on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 5.00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. And with a bit of luck, one ship or the other may have a crew member aboard who will gladly tell you something about "his" ship. Pay the harbour a visit!


The Museumshafen is open to the public and can be visited at any time free of charge.

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Public transport:

  • Bus line 112 to the Neumühlen/Övelgönne stop
  • HADAG ferry 62 to the Neumühlen/Museumshafen pier

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