The landing stages

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    Erected: 1839/1907
    Location St. Pauli, near Fischmarkt
    Special features: Gauge tower with a bell that tolls every half hour as well as on the hour.

    Frau Hedi" leads a double life. By day she is a passenger barge, and evenings a floating club: The "MS Hedi" also travels across the Elbe under the name "Frau Hedis Tanzkaffee" - on Wednesday to Sunday evenings from Landing Stage 10, inner edge.

    Baltic disco or Italian Night, mass karaoke or guitar concert: Every evening for deckhand Weto begins with a passenger count. Precisely 119 people may be carried on the "Hedi", including the captain, DJ and counter-service team. More than that simply is not possible, as the tiny barge is already noticeably weighed down with 105 people on board. Weto's real name is actually Michael Wtorkowski, and before he came aboard the "Hedi" as a deckhand he worked as a bicycle courier. As a deckhand, Weto ensures safe embarking and debarking, attends to refreshing people's glasses, monitors the room temperature, and he serves as a sort of right hand to Captain Rainer. Sometimes Weto travels along privately after his work is finished for the last two hours. He likes the special club feeing on the "Hedi", the ruggedness and the noise. Every hour the ship returns to the pier, allowing guests to embark and disembark at Stage 10, at the end of the landing stages, Hamburg's water station, where there are ferries, barges, passenger steamers land, passenger ships on the line to Finkenwerder or Blankenese, the catamaran to Heligoland.

    The Hamburg landing stages were built in 1839 as a landing points for steamers, and in 1907 placed on floating pontoons, connected to the land via ten movable bridges. When the "Hedi" lands at Stage 10, she travels a different route each time, depending on the tide and the captain's mood. Weto's favourite route leads through the Spreehafen harbour in Wilhelmsburg, where inland waterway vessels used to moor in winter and today houseboats are anchored, past the graffiti-decorated Brandshof in the Rothenburgsort district and through the new HafenCity back to the landing stages. And best of all at sunset. Windows open, all hands on deck.

    Text: Constanze Kindel

    This text appeared in the magazine "Hamburg: Das Magazin aus der Metropole". You can download every issue of this magazine free of charge from the website of Hamburg Marketing .

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    Address: Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken, 20359 Hamburg

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