Harburger Theater

Come and enjoy appealing, fresh performances from classic to modern, dramas and comedies, musicals and, in the period leading up to Christmas, children's plays.

"More theatre for Harburg" - Under this motto in 2003 director Axel Schneider and his former managing director Dietrich Wersich took on the reconfiguration of the HARBURGER THEATRE. The circle was thus complete. Because the theatrical history of Harburg has long been closely associated with that of Altona.

After the HARBURGER THEATRE was destroyed in the Second World War, in 1945 Hans Fitze received the order from British troops to continue the city theatre. The house, which was run as a private theatre from 1948, found his venue with 400 seats in the auditorium of the Helms museum. The era of the director Hans Fizte, who also ran the Altona Theatre from 1954, stood for faithful interpretations of classic works. This concept lasted a long time. However, in the 1990s the HARBURGER / ALTONAER THEATRE found itself in financial difficulties and was forced to close in 1994. The use of the HARBURGER THEATRE was taken over by the Lüneburg city theatre in 1995. In the same year, as the then youngest director at 28 years of age, Axel Schneider re-opened the ALTONAER THEATRE. With only a fraction of the previous subsidies, the much-quoted "Miracle of Altona" succeeded. With creativity, enthusiasm and extraordinary effort, the young team managed to rid the house of the dusty image and bring it success that continues to this day. With a cleverly compiled programme of classics, comedies, modern pieces and musicals, it has won a permanent place in Hamburg theatre life.

This successful mixture has been on the Harburg stage since the season of 2003/2004. A schedule specially designed for Harburg and a significantly extended performance programme, 61 instead of 35, in the first season attracted 18,000 visitors to the house. They reached a room occupancy rate of 75% and have gained 1,111 members to date.

In 2006, Harburg theatre will also venture from the traditional venue: "Which drug is right for me?" will be performed in restaurants and pubs in the south of Hamburg.

From the 2009/2010 season, visitors can expect a new foyer with integrated lounge where guests can enjoy before or after the play food and drink in a cosy atmosphere.

Harburg Theatre

For more information call 040 - 428 713 604 or go to www.harburger-theater.de

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Address: Museumsplatz 2, 21073 Hamburg
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