Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus

The stage for political and satirical cabaret, also called: Institute for Satirical Explosives. The programme is mostly performed by the house ensemble with their own productions. The company has developed from a trendy student show in 1984 to an established satirical institution in the north of Germany.

Apart from Alma Hoppe, prominent colleagues of the German satirical craft take the stage as well (Volker Pispers, Martin Buchholz, Henning Venske, Hans Scheibner, Thomas Freitag, Konrad Beikircher, Werner Koczwara, Helmut Ruge, Bodo Wartke, Richard Rogler, Stefan Jürgens, Bernd Stelter, Werner Schneyder, Erwin Grosche, Max Goldt, Reiner Kröhnert and others).

The theatre was built in 1927, and since that time it has served various purposes: as a community centre, a cinema and a stage. During that time the theatre has featured, amongst others, Hans Albers, Wolfgang Borchert, Inge Meysel, Georg Thomalla and Heinz Erhardt.

Between 1978 and 1993, the theatre was initially used as a rehearsal stage for the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater, then later as the painting room of the Thalia-Theater. On 25 March 1994, Alma Hoppe's Lustspielhaus finally opened its doors, and the building thus returned to its original function as a stage.

Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus

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