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"Eintritt erst ab 18 Jahren" (Must be 18 years or older to enter), a sign displayed in front of some places, especially in front of Herbertstrasse. With the addition that women are not allowed here. Around the Reeperbahn, there are few things that are not "X-rated".

Sex for money, for example. But those who are over 18 need just 50.00 to 100.00 euros for it. Extras cost more of course. In the table dancing bars, however, you can look but not touch. The rules are strict, and the dancers determine how far they go. For example in the "Dollhouse", a nationally famous bar, whether you can can stick the dollar (1 Dollhouse dollar = €2.00) into the slip or garter of their well-trained dancers when they take a guest on the stage as a second dancer. They have costumes for almost every taste - from tanned sailor to motorcycle minx.

Hefty drink prices

Such a hot show will make you thirsty. But beware: If you want to drink something other than beer, you will probably get a surprise at the end of the evening in the form of a big bill. The same applies to the other table dancing bars, such as the "Tutti Frutti". Beer costs "only" 10.00 euros here, but cognac is 20.00 euros and a bottle of sparkling wine is almost 300.00 euros. Dancers dance for as long as the song lasts. The finale is a panty-drop in most cases. Caution is advised if a dancer sits with the guest and asks if he would like to buy her something to drink. The lady will certainly order nothing less than champagne!

Cabaret and erotica for the sophisticated

The cult address, and now the only erotic cabaret in St. Pauli, is "Safari". The cast of the little theatre shows such as "Phantom of the Opera", "Cabaret" or "Rocky Horror" bare all during their performance and continue the story where most films fade out... So-called "Koberer", mostly older men, outside each table dancing bar or vaudeville attempt to lure guests into the bar. Some wear porter's clothing, others what keeps out the cold of the night, normal street clothes. This shouldn't put you off. It is an old Hanseatic tradition - "ankobern" basically means to recruit.

Shopping for those looking to experiment

If you're less interested in watching and would prefer to retreat to the confines of your hotel with your partner, lots of erotic and lingerie stores can also be found on the Reeperbahn.

Highlights in the Kiez - guaranteed for those over 18

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