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SQAT - Signing Question Answer Tool

SQAT – Communication on an Equal Footing

If you are a deaf or have a hearing impairment, SQAT (Signing Question and Answer Tool) finally makes it possible for you to accessibly communicate with the providers of this site – in sign language. You can simply record your query or message in sign language as a webcam video and send it in just a few clicks. You will also receive your answer in sign language, as a video.

To use the SQAT service, you only need a webcam and broadband internet access. That's all it takes! You will, naturally, not be charged for using this service.

You can record your message in sign language by clicking on this symbol:




Please note: This webcam feature is currently flash-based. It is therefore not possible to record videos on many mobile devices, so please use a laptop or desktop PC instead.

5 Simple Steps to your Response in Sign Language



Communication between you and the providers of this website can be carried out in just 5 simple steps via SQAT:

1. Record your query or message in sign language by webcam and send the video. The video is automatically sent to the SQAT service centre.
To record your message, simply click on the SQAT logo, which opens the recording window. Your video can be up to two minutes in length. After you have finished recording, you have the possibility to review your video and re-record it, if you wish. Enter your name and e-mail address before you send the video. Then you’re done!

2. Your message is then translated into written language by the SQAT service centre. Your film and the translation is then forwarded to those responsible for the website so that they can respond.

3. The website providers also answer the message in written language.

4. The SQAT service centre translates this answer into sign language and produces a corresponding sign language video. You will then receive a link by e-mail.

5. Opening this link allows you to access the answer in the form of a video in sign language.
The link goes to a personal website that only you, as the recipient, can access. It documents the entire communication process: your enquiry in sign language, the translation into written language, the response in written language and the translation of this reply in sign language.

This process allows both parties i.e. you using the service and the website providers to communicate with each other using disability-compensating technology.

Other Information and Data Protection

For optimal recording quality, the upload, rather than the download speed is decisive. An upload rate of at least 500 kbit/s is required. You can use a site such as to find out whether your upload speed is sufficient.

Please be advised that, just as with telephone enquiries, the providers of this website only respond to general queries via SQAT. SQAT cannot be used to address any enquiries relating to personal information, ongoing processes and other such matters. Technical questions, such as problems using a webcam, can also not be responded to.

Full compliance with data protection regulations is, naturally, guaranteed at all times, as the entire communication flow is confined within a closed system.
Users can access the documentation containing their enquiry in sign language, the written translation and response and the translation in sign language for three months after receiving their response. After this time, the data is irretrievably deleted in the interests of data protection.
That’s all there is to it!

Do you have a question, query or message? If so, simply click on the SQAT logo and start recording your video!


For questions or suggestions you can contact us from Mon - Sat from 9:00 h to 19 h under::

+49 40 - 300 51 851

Contact possibility for deaf guests:

Record Sign Language Video:

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