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Hamburg is a beautiful city

In Hamburg, you can see and experience a lot:
Every year many people visit the city.

Many people live in Hamburg.

Hamburg is almost the biggest city in Germany.
Only the city of Berlin is bigger.

Hamburg is a city on water.

There are two rivers in Hamburg. They are called the Alster and the Elbe.
Many big ships travel along the Elbe.
The ships come from the North Sea and stop in the Hamburg Harbour.
The Hamburg Harbour is the biggest sea harbour in Germany.
That’s why Hamburg is sometimes called
The gateway to the world.

There is always something to do in Hamburg:

In Summer and Winter.
There is lots to see.
For example: beautiful parts of the city and well-known places.
You can experience a lot.
For example: Festivals or tours.
Holidays in Hamburg are always exciting:
You can see or try something new every day.

Things you can do in Hamburg:

  • Visit well-known places.
  • See exhibitions at a museum.
  • Go to the theatre and watch a performance.
  • Go shopping.
  • Go for a walk: in a park or along the water.
  • In the evening you can meet friends at a pub.
  • Many pubs and clubs are at the Reeperbahn.
  • This is a famous street in Hamburg.

Tip: Popular places in Hamburg

Some places in Hamburg are very beautiful.
For example: special houses or beautiful parts of the city.
If a house or a monument is very well known,
it is called a landmark.
One of the landmarks in Hamburg is St Michael’s (also called the ‘Michel’).
Almost everyone knows that:
St Michael’s is a church in Hamburg.
Here you will find information about special places in Hamburg.
Many visitors go to see these places:

© Ingo Bölter

Famous places: Sights in Hamburg

Many people visit the town hall.
The town hall is very old: more than 100 years.
And the town hall is very nice.
You can see a lot.
For example: stone figures on the walls.
And you can learn a lot about the city.
For example: The history of Hamburg.

In front of the town hall is a large square: the town hall market.

There is a nice street near town hall market: 

The Jungfernstieg.

You can do the following things at Jungfernstieg:

  • You can see beautiful old houses.
  • You can visit many shops.
  • You can go for a walk by the water. 

The lake on Jungfernstieg is called: Binnen-Alster.

There are many churches in Hamburg.

The Church of St. Michael is very well known:

It is a landmark of Hamburg.

The church also has a short name: The Michel.

The church is very old: More than 300 years.

The bell tower of the church is very high:

More than 100 metres.

You can go up to the bell tower:
Then you have a beautiful view of Hamburg.
The bell tower also has an elevator.

The TV tower is also very high:
You can see him almost everywhere in Hamburg.

At the harbour you can go to the Landungsbrücken.Many ships pass here every day. For example:

  • Ships with goods: cargo ships
  • Ships with many people: Cruise ships.
  • There are also fishing boats: The fishing boats take fish to the docks. 

You can try the fish at the landing stages.

Want to see more of the harbour?
Tip: Take a harbour cruise.
At the Landungsbrücken there are boats for visitors.
You can go for a ride:
Then you'll see more of the harbour.
And a guide will tell you about the harbour.

Famous parts of Hamburg

Next to the Landungsbrücken is a new part of town: HafenCity.
The word Hafen is German and means: Harbor.
HafenCity means: Harbor City.
You can go for a walk in HafenCity.
And you see many new houses.
For example: Apartments and offices.

A new landmark of Hamburg was built in HafenCity:
The Elb-Philharmonie.
It's a big concert hall on the Elbe.
There you can attend concerts in the Elb-Philharmonie:
With artists and musicians from all over the world.
And you have a beautiful view of the Port of Hamburg.

Near HafenCity is the Speicherstadt.
The Speicherstadt is a very old part of the city.
Ships bring goods from abroad to the Speicherstadt.
For example: coffee, tea or carpets.
The goods are stored in warehouses.
The warehouses are called: Speicher.

That's why the part of town is called Speicherstadt.
Stadt is the German word for City. 
Speicherstadt means: Warehouse City.

The warehouses are right by the water:
So the ships can get to the warehouses.
That's why there are canals all over Speicherstadt.
A canal is a waterway.
In Hamburg there is another word for canal: Fleet.

The part of town called Sankt Pauli is very well known.
Everything is very colourful there.
And there is always something going on: especially in the evening.
In Sankt Pauli there are many places to go out.
For example: pubs and discos.
And there is also a famous street here: the Reeperbahn.

Museum and exhibitions:

You can go to the museum:
There are many different exhibitions in Hamburg.
Most visitors like to go to these exhibitions:

So wird sie mal aussehen - die Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

Miniature wonderland:
In Miniature Wonderland you can see many model railroads.
The miniature wonderland is very big:
It is the largest miniature railway museum in the world.

Spice Museum:
In the Spice Museum you can see many different spices.
For example: pepper or cinnamon.
You can also smell or touch the spices.
The spices come from different countries from all over the world.
The Spice Museum is called Spicy's.

Car Museum
In the car museum you can see many beautiful cars.
When you build a whole new car model, that's what the first model is called: prototype.
That's why the Auto-Museum is called Prototype.

There's a lot more you can do in Hamburg:

Theatre and Musical
You can go to the theatre:
There are many beautiful plays in Hamburg.
Or you could go to a musical.
For example, The Lion King.
The musical is known all over the world.

Nature and recreation
There are many parks in Hamburg.
For example: the city park.
That's why Hamburg is called the green city.
You can make beautiful excursions in the nature:
To relax and unwind.

A well-known park in the city centre is called: 
Planten un Blomen.
That means plants and flowers.

Visit to the zoo
There is a well-known zoo in Hamburg:
The Hagenbeck Zoo.
You can see a lot of animals here.
For example: A large herd of elephants.
And many animals, which run freely through the zoo.
There are almost 2,000 animals in the zoo.
The animals come from all over the world.

Tip: An overview of sights in Hamburg

If you want to learn more about the places, you can do it here:

  • City walking tour:
    You walk through a part of town in a group.
    There is a guide with you:
    He tells you stories about the city part.
  • City tour by bus:
    You are driving around town on a bus.
  • Alster boat trip:
    You are on a boat on the Alster.
    The ships are called: Alster-Dampfer.
    Dampfer is the German word for steamship.
  • Harbour cruise on the Elbe:
    The Elbe is the river in Hamburg harbour.
    During the harbour tour you will see a lot of the harbour.
    And a guide will tell you about the harbour.
    The harbour tour starts at the landing stages.
Stadtrundfahrt HAmburg

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