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Audible and Discernible: the Vibrant Metropolis on Water

Hamburg is one of Germany’s most popular travel destinations for blind and visually impaired people – because of its many attractions, beautiful parks and special offers for the non-sighted. In the last few years, the metropolis on water has made sure that it is easier for blind and visually impaired people to use the public transport system. On this website you will find all the information you need for planning your trip.

How a blind Person experiences the city

Read the report of the blind Hamburg expert Heiko Kunert and what he recommends for a visit to the Hanseatic city below. For example, homing in on the city model next to the Town Hall, taking a boat tour around the harbour or Alster, walking along the Elbe, enjoying a concert by the NDR Symphony Orchestra or visiting the museum in the Speicherstadt where visitors can touch, smell and taste the different spices. Another tip would be a tactile tour of St Michael’s church for blind and visually impaired people.

Musical pleasures of all kinds

If you like music, you will really enjoy Hamburg: much more than just the finest classical music can be experienced here – Hamburg's legendary club scene and the other concert halls provide a huge variety of rock, pop, indie and folk concerts. The Klingende Museum is also a tactile treat: here you can touch and try out over 100 musical instruments. All cultural activities, including, for example, theatrical performances with descriptions of scenes via headphones, can be found under the menu item Culture and Entertainment.

Safe passage from A to B, thanks to ribbed pavements and warning stripes

Hamburg operates on a dense bus, rapid transit (S-Bahn), metro and underground train (U-Bahn) and ferry line network. At some stops, there are ribbed pavements on the ground with contrasting stripes. These can be felt with a cane and serve as orientation and warning. The stripes can be found on platforms and sometimes in ticket hall areas. If you plan to travel by bus during your stay in Hamburg, a low-floor bus with tilting technology or a ramp will take you to your destination. Many rapid transit trains and regional transport stations are accessible. Lots of rapid transit and metro and underground stations are equipped with blind accessible lifts. Rapid transit trains provide accessible transport into Hamburg from the airport. Detailed information, including about arriving in the city, can be found under the Mobility menu item.

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