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Mehr! Theater

  • Mehr! Theater Saal
  • Mehr Theater © Mehr! Entertainment
  • Mehr Theater Modell © Mehr! Entertainment
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    Mehr! Theatre

    Hamburg’s new visionary theatre with capacity for up to 3,500 visitors. The Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt presents theatre performances, concerts, musicals, shows and much, much more.  A visit is not only worthwhile because of the great programme, but also because of the spectacular display of architecture at the listed Großmarkthalle.  

    The Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt opened in the spring of 2015, after more than 15 months, and immediately enriched the Hanseatic city with its extraordinary venue. It is both intriguing and unusual that Hamburg’s largest theatre, with up to 2,400 seats, is situated in the historically listed Großmarkthalle – wholesale market halls! Constructed as early as 1962, the halls’ exterior is already rather special as it is one of the last examples of prestressed concrete building construction in Hamburg. At the time, the futuristic concrete and glass architecture set new standards and they are no less impressive today. This is shown by the unusual ceiling structure inside, consisting of prestressed concrete arches which extend to almost 20 metres high.  The theatre is completely integrated into the existing Großmarkthalle and is spaciously arranged with a foyer, hall and bars on three separate levels which cover an area of more than 6,500 square metres.  While the hustle and bustle of the Großmarkt continues to run through the early morning hours, the area at the Oberhafen now comes alive at night as well! The theatre offers a stage and space for theatre and musical productions, shows, events, concerts, exhibitions and much, much more! The Hamburg Großmarkt in Hammerbrook, along with the Mehr! theatre, is the eastern link to the Hafencity and Speicherstadt boulevard destination.


    • The entrance to the theatre hall can be accessed without using steps.
    • The ticket booths can be accessed without using steps.

    Events room

    • The theatre hall (stalls) is accessible by a lift/without steps.
    • There are eight designated spaces for wheelchair users in the stalls.


    • The bar can be accessed by a lift/without steps.
    • Above and underground car parks
    • There are designated disabled parking spaces.

    Public toilet

    • The toilets can be accessed by a lift/without steps.
    • A toilet for wheelchair users is available.
    • There are handrails on both sides of the toilet.
    • A wheelchair will fit under the wash basin.
    • There is an alarm contact in the room.

    Contact and advice

    Mehr! Theater 

    Banksstraße 28
    20097 Hamburg

    01805 - 2001