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Miniatur Wunderland

In the Hamburg Speicherstadt, there is much to discover in the largest model railway system in the world! Miniatur Wunderland "Miniature Wonderland" has been enriched with two attractions since recently: Elbe Philharmonic Hall and HafenCity have been opened in a festive ceremony!

The 930 trains with nearly 14,450 railway wagons, 228,000 trees, 215,000 figures, 8,850 cars, 13,000 metres of track, 3,660 buildings and bridges, were set up in minute detail by 230 employees in over 580,000 man-hours. In this superlative model landscape, you witness realistic railway operations entirely computer-controlled. There is even day and night in the railway world - and that's every 15 minutes. Miniatur Wunderland has been presenting HafenCity and Elbe Philharmonic Hall in a small format since recently. Look forward to the smallest concert hall in the world!

The Harz, with its seemingly endless ICE high-speed route and over 130 trains, is here along with landscapes from Austria and Scandinavia, and replicas of famous Hamburg districts and attractions from St. Michaelis Church and Hagenbeck Zoo to the world port.

The USA in Hamburg draws crowds with its desert metropolis and paradise for gamblers, Las Vegas: More than 10% of all Wunderland lights – around 33,000 – are installed here. The landscape of the other areas is breathtaking as well: The Keys and Cape Canaveral pass directly into Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon is only separated by a highway from Mount Rushmore and Yosemite Park.

Scandinavia was set up as the sixth section in 2005. Particularly impressive is the real water basin in which there are currently 16 ships that travel from miniature port to port.

The Switzerland section is the most impressive to date – it was opened in November 2007. Here the mountains stand with the 6-metre high Matterhorn as the centrepiece where visitors can hike and enjoy the view once they have reached the summit. There are many astounding highlights, such as the tiny chocolate factory which produces real chocolate, or the open-air concert with 21,000 tiny visitors.

And this is just the beginning! With constant work in the construction sites, the model world continues to grow from minute to minute. In May 2012, the exhibition was joined by yet another attraction: Knuffingen Airport was opened! The team of Gerrit and Frederik Braun (founders of Miniatur Wunderland) thus completed one of the most technically challenging projects of Miniatur Wunderland, offering visitors over 100 aeroplanes and other vehicles with fully automated movements.
By the provisional completion in 2020, there are still two further spectacular section to be completed in addition to Italy and France in mini format

The history of our civilisation

7,000 years of history have been reconstructed in as many hours of painstaking manual work with many details and numerous handmade figures and buildings. In eight dioramas, the story of our civilisation is portrayed from 5,500 B.C. to 1942. You will marvel at the Neolithic era, the middle ages and the time of the French Revolution, as well as the periods of the two world wars. To illustrate the appearance of these eras to visitors, an ideal and typical, fictionalised piece of land is created for each of them.

Festive opening of Elbe Philharmonic Hall

After 364 construction days, 350,000 euro construction costs and 13,000 work hours, Elbe Philharmonic Hall and HafenCity were opened in Miniatur Wunderland on 13 November 2013. Within the context of a festive event, the smallest concert hall in the world was christened with a real concert by the NDR symphony orchestra.

Since the opening of the original is experience some difficulties, the founders of Miniatur Wunderland decided that their own Elbe Philharmonic Hall had to be built. The way to that was long, because even the construction time of the small Elbe Philharmonic Hall doubled; it was originally supposed to be presented in the spring 2013. However, when you look at the finished work, you see that every work hour was worth it. "What our model builders created is simply phenomenal," raved Gerrit Braun, co-founder of Miniatur Wunderland.

The opening ceremony was even broadcast via live stream to all five continents, and 300 people took part on site in the sold-out affair.


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  • Seating is provided in the entrance area.

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