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St. Peter's Church (Hauptkirche St. Petri)

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    Hamburg's oldest existing church is located directly in the current shopping district on Mönckebergstrasse, and it is named after the apostle and martyr Peter, who is depicted with a key as the "gatekeeper of heaven".

    It was probably founded at the beginning of the 11th century, but it was first documented in 1195 as a "market church". In around 1310/20, the construction of a triple naved, Gothic basilica was begun. With the construction of a second southern nave around 1418, the essential extension works had been completed.

    A second tower completed in 1516 was even higher than the cathedral, and it set the standard for all later church tower constructions in Hamburg. In 1842 the church suffered from the Great Fire; luckily, most of the works of art could be saved. The medieval structure was re-dedicated as early as 1849, but with many alterations to the church building.

    • These is no floor-based tactile guidance system in either the indoor or outdoor areas.
    • There are steps at the main entrance. The steps have no visual or tactile difference to the rest of the surroundings.
    • There are handrails on both sides.
    • The rooms are well lit.
    • There are glass doors. for the most part, clearly identifiable.
    • Signage is in a clear, legible, high-contrast font.
    • Information is not provided in Braille or embossed lettering.
    • No general car park is available.
    • The church can be accessed without having to use steps via the south-east entrance. No steps feature in any of the rooms from that point on.
    • Doors and passageways are at least 90 cm wide and are usually wider.

    Disabled toilet

    • The toilet can be accessed from the right; the movement area on the left is 40 cm x 70 cm.
    • Fold-up hand rails are located on either side of the toilet.
    • The wash basin is accessible without restrictions.
    • The mirror can be used while in both a sitting and standing position.
    • There is an changing table.
    • There is an alarm contact (cord).
    • There is no audio induction loop system.
    • The rooms are illuminated.

    Contact and advice

    St. Peter's Church (Hauptkirche St. Petri)
    Bei der Petrikirche 2
    20095 Hamburg

    Tel.: 040 – 32 57 400