Holsten Brewery Festival 2014

This is the fourth time that the Holsten Brewery is inviting all Hamburgers - free & outdoors - to its great Brewery Festival. Up to 30,000 guests have taken up this invitation annually since 2011, with growing enthusiasm. Again this year the motto will be: "Hamburg is Holsten and Holsten is Hamburg"!

The centre point of the event area, which extends across the interior courtyard of the brewery, is the large Holsten Plaza with its magic sky roof where draught beer and delicious food are served for a comfortable and rain-proof stay. A cabaret stage and adequate seating invite you to linger here. A lot of attention is sure to be given to Ladestrasse as well where you can experience live music on the large Holsten stage. Details of the programme for the Holsten Brewery Festival 2014 will be published when available!

Holsten Brewery Festival 2014

More information is available directly from the organiser online at www.holsten-brauereifest.de!


  • Provisional dates: End of April 2014

Meeting point

Holstenstrasse 224, 22765 Hamburg

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Adresse: Holstenstrasse 224, 22765 Hamburg
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